Book illustrated by your child

A book illustrated by your child is a personalised book the whole content of which is based on your child’s pictures. Compared to the similar project Book about your child, where your child can also illustrate a book, a book illustrated by your child starts with creating or gathering existing pictures and your child’s insights about them. A professional author then gets inspired and creates a story.

A book illustrated by your child is the most productive way to conserve your child’s precious creations rather than spending time in front of a scanner/printer/laminator and allocating more and more room in your house to keep them. If the book gets lost, it can be reprinted at any time, so you can enjoy it forever!

For the price of the project, we offer you a real publication with its own ISBN and a set of 5 books ready to be distributed to friends and relatives. You can buy an additional copy for a retail price at any time.

This would be a perfect gift for/from parents and grandparents, a present to last for a lifetime.

The book comes in one of two formats:

  • A personalised children’s book that is recommended for children from 0 to 5 years old (comprising about 17 pictures). The 32-pages book is 216mm x 216 mm.
  • A chapter book that is recommended for older ages (6 to 19 years old) comprising a number of pictures from 10 to 20. The book has 40 pages, and its size is 229mm x 152mm.

All the pictures will be scanned and brought to their best quality by our professional graphic designers.

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