Do your children like riding a quad? Playing soccer on a big field? Cooking marshmallows around a bonfire at night? Treasure hunting? Doing farm chores as a part of an exciting game? Jumping off a diving board into a cool river? Hand feeding iguanas? Watching wild animals through the window of the car? Climbing rocks and finding bones in the caves? Having the deepest sleep under the stars and waking up completely rested and full of energy for new adventures?

At Indigokid, we are fortunate to offer children and their parents a unique opportunity to spend fantastic school holidays camping in Merriwa.

If your stay falls on a night from Saturday to Sunday, you might also like to join children’s activities organised by Indigokid educators. No Internet, no phone connection, no electricity, no plastic playground, no junk food – this is certainly a holiday your children deserve!

Are you ready to join an experience you will never forget, or, at least, have a holiday which will be different from all the previous ones? Fill in the form below to express your interest.