Language Marathons

Our Language Online Marathons last for 3 weeks and are a great opportunity for those who have never had time to study a foreign language or who prefer brushing up their skills online.

What we offer:

• Daily tasks (compulsory and optional) with different difficulty levels

• Discussions and practice with your peers

• Unique technique for learning new words

• 3 grammar rules of your choice

• Practising all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing

• Games and puzzles

• Fun facts about the studied language

• Competitions and rewards

• Weekly and final evaluations

• FAQs with weekly video answers from teachers

By the end of the marathon, you will have obtained a guaranteed improvement in your language skills. In the course of this language journey, you will:

> Read >70 pages of your favourite book in the studied language (for higher levels)

> Remember >215 new French words

> Watch and discuss >7 hours of your favourite movies in the studied language

> Master and consolidate the knowledge of 3 grammar rules

See more details on the Language Marathons site.