Book about your child

A book about your child is a personalised book illustrated by your child or a professional artist. It is written about your child only (no pre-written templates!) and can have everything related to your little darling: drawings, family cartoonised photos, real-life stories, information about your child’s hobbies and interests, witty sentences, etc.

We collect this information to work on it in full respect of privacy and provide you with the final work in your chosen genre to ensure everyone in the book is highly recognisable and very close to heart.

For the price of the project, we offer you a real publication with its own ISBN and a set of 5 books ready to be distributed to friends and relatives. You can buy any additional copy for a retail price at any time.

This would be a perfect gift for/from parents and grandparents, a present to last for a lifetime.

The book comes in one of two formats:

  • A personalised children’s book that is recommended for children from 0 to 5 years old.
  • A chapter book that is recommended for older ages (6 to 19 years old).

The personalised book (32 pages, size 216mm x 216mm) can be illustrated by our professional artists unless you wish to provide your own illustrations (about 17 illustrations in total).

The chapter book (40 pages, size 229mm x 152mm) represents ten chapters pre-discussed and pre-designed with you.

Do you want an estimate of the price? Try our online calculator and send the request for a final quote.

Are you happy with the price? Submit the order to receive your final invoice.

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